LSU senior quarterback  Jordan Jefferson was indicted yesterday on simple battery charges by a Baton Rouge grand jury.  Just a couple hours after the decision, LSU announced that both Jordan Jefferson and Joshua Johns have been reinstated to the LSU football team and can begin practice immediately. 

Joe Alleva

LSU Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director Joe Alleva made an announcement which was released by the university's sports website.

Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns have been reinstated to the LSU football team, LSU Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Joe Alleva announced Wednesday.

Jefferson and Johns were suspended from the team on August 26 when they were arrested on felony charges associated with an off-campus incident. On Wednesday a grand jury reduced the charges against Jefferson to a misdemeanor and did not charge against Johns.

"We certainly don't condone participation in the incident, but the legal system has determined that their actions did not rise to the level originally charged, and their punishment to date related to football has already been considerable," Alleva said. "They will rejoin the team and begin practice immediately."


Okay, Tigers fans, do you think that Jefferson and or Johns should have been reinstated?  Let us know!


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