Prisons definitely do not imply a walk in the park when they are filled with the worst of the worst from society, so it is not a challenge to imagine it is not the type of place you want to visit, let alone be having your mail forwarded. With that being said, all prisons are not the same, and there can be huge differences between the state and federal systems.

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In fact, as far as the splits go, state prisons are generally a much dangerous place than a federal prison due to the nature of the crimes committed by the incarcerated. State prisons are housed with more violent criminals like murderers than the federal prisons that typically hold white collar offenders that made the error of committing crimes across state lines.

What makes these federal prisons the worst in America?


The differences can come down to overpopulation, facility sanitation, utility quality, and a whole lot of basic necessities to house large populations of people in a small amount of square footage.

Sure, nobody believe these prisons should double for a resort getaway, but basic human needs also should be adequately supplied. According to this Prison Info article, there are the above mentioned factors and then some to determine the worst federal prisons in America.

What is the worst federal prison in Texas, and why does it rank so poorly?

The Federal Correction Institution Beaumont, Texas has had a very checkered history since opening in the 90's, and only just two years ago had to go into a complete lockdown and MS-13 inmates murdered and attacked other prisoners.

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See Inside This Now Abandoned Prison in Illinois

Located just over 30 miles to the southwest of Chicago is the town of Joliet, Illinois. It's here that the abandoned remains of the Old Joliet Prison, with a history that spans more than 160 years, can be found. Once featured in several films, the structure has sat vacant and decaying for more than twenty years now. However, in 2018, the Joliet Historical Museum, reclaimed the property, in partnership with the city.

The Old Joliet Prison can be toured for a fee, with proceeds going to help preserve the site, and recently photographer Annie Chartrand captured images of what remains of the monolithic limestone structure that once housed thousands of inmates. Keep scrolling to experience the Old Joliet Prison through her lens including a look at what appears to be the prison hospital facility.

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals