It really can happen to anyone. Prosecutors say a Texas woman conned her online boyfriend out of $1.2 million by pretending that her daughter was sick and that she needed heart medication according to

According to officials, Lorraine Marie Rew met a man from New Palestine, Indiana on a social media platform, and the two began a relationship. That's when prosecutors say Rew began fleecing this man for as much money as she could get her hands on.

Apparently, Rew was using the money to fund her lifestyle including her frequent trips to casinos in Oklahoma. Court records show she visited one casino there 157 times.

Lorraine Marie Rew
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She would tell the man that her daughter needed serious medical help including procedures. She would promise her victim that as long as she came up with the out-of-pocket expenses upfront, her insurance would reimburse her, and she, in turn, would pay him back.

The two met in October of 2020 and the scam went through 2022. She romanced the man and fleeced him while making him believe she needed money for her heart medication and to help her daughter. Postal inspectors say there were no records of her or her child having medical procedures.

She falsified documents via email that she claimed came from her employer to show how the man was to be reimbursed.

She was sentenced to four years in prison, with credit for one year already served. Prosecutors say they do plan to transfer Rew to another jurisdiction where she is facing other charges.

The man took his money out of several accounts including the following:

Checking account

Savings account

Personal IRA

Mutual Fund

Cash Advances

Personal Loans

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