The Jennings Police Department has issued an urgent warning to residents near Jennings High School and the adjacent I-10 corridor as the search intensifies for suspect Dillon Champagne. Following Monday's incident involving threats at the high school and subsequent car theft, the manhunt has zeroed in on a wooded area east of the school.

Officials are advising the public to avoid the area unless absolutely necessary to ensure their safety and to facilitate the ongoing police operation. The Louisiana State Police Aviation unit is now involved, providing aerial support to help locate Champagne, who is believed to be hiding nearby.

Dillon Champagne is considered dangerous, and the situation remains active. Residents should be on high alert and report any suspicious activity immediately. If anyone sees Champagne or suspects his presence, they are strongly urged to keep a safe distance and contact the Jennings Police Department directly at 337-821-5500 Ext 500.

We will continue to provide updates as more information is confirmed by authorities.

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