Washington, D.C. (KPEL News) - The United States House of Representatives, led by Louisiana's Mike Johnson, are walking two articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over to the United States Senate. However, they aren't expected to go much further than a table.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy sees the writing on the proverbial wall, but he has pleaded with his Senate colleagues to listen to the American people and hold the impeachment trial. His plea did include the colorful quips to which we've become accustomed.

In video messages across social media platforms, he called out his fellow senators across the aisle:

Senate Democrats are silencing the American people, who want their country’s secure border back.

Mayorkas has been the subject of intense scrutiny, particularly by Republicans in Congress, over his handling of the Texas border crisis. The two articles accuse the cabinet member of willfully refusing to comply with federal immigration law and breaching public trust. The House of Representatives passed the articles by one vote in February.

The documents were expected to be delivered to the upper chamber on April 10, but House Speaker and Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson requested more time to solidify the case.

The junior senator from Zachary, Louisiana, implored Senate Democrats to appropriately consider the articles of impeachment and not ignore the efforts that went into them by the House of Representatives by going through with a trial. In his speech before Senators, he emphasized the weight of the House by saying they aren't:

A snow-bro who lives off chicken McNuggets and week and happens to have an opinion.

Kennedy asserted that tabling the issue would be viewed as a move for "short-term political gain."

The previous video wrapped up with Kennedy suggesting his colleagues not toss the impeachment articles out like a "week old tuna sandwich."

However, a subsequent video posted on Facebook shows the Louisiana Republican in a much more conciliatory light than we are used to. Kennedy begs members of the Senate, "Please, please, don't do it," meaning don't table or dismiss the charges against Mayorkus.

Meanwhile, Secretary Mayorkus seems unbothered by the process, saying he's "not distracted" by the proceedings.

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