There's a new trend starting to build on social media where employees are doing karaoke at work, and as odd as it may sound, I feel like this needs to be a normal thing at every business.

The trend almost solely exists at one place of business—the Pilgrim's processing plant in DeQueen, Arkansas. Thanks to TikTok user @615TikTokDada2 and the De Queen Pilgrim's Facebook page, videos of workers singing their hearts out in the break room are going viral, and honestly, it's pretty amazing.

Even though it's been trending recently, work karaoke at the Pilgrim's plant has been going on for years according to the videos on their Facebook page.

These people regularly turn their break time into a mini-concert, singing everything from pop hits to soulful classics, and some of them even have impromptu backup dancers.

But this isn't your regular employee appreciation day or Pizza Friday activity and it's not just about singing. It's awesome to see folks at a job (especially a job that involves hard work or is fast paced with long hours) having a great time and clearly building some serious team spirit.

People online are loving it, saying things like "their hype people are the best" and praising how it makes work feel more like hanging out with family.

Now, think about how perfect this would be in Louisiana. We're all about good music, good food, and good times, right? Imagine walking into your workplace's break room and it feels like a mini Mardi Gras. This could change the game by making work more fun and helping everyone feel more connected.

Plus, businesses could stand out by showing they're cool with having a bit of fun during the day. It's a great way to show off a company culture that's all about enjoying life and not just grinding through the workday.

So, who knows? Maybe we'll start seeing some Louisiana companies jumping on this trend soon. Work karaoke could be the next big thing for boosting morale and making the daily grind a lot more enjoyable. Let's keep our fingers crossed and maybe start warming up our vocal cords, just in case.

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