A couple from Georgia was arrested for child neglect after being discovered in a state of heavy intoxication, passed out on the sand in Daytona Beach, Florida. The parents, Alyssia Langley, 27, and Timothy Stephens, 27, were found by Volusia County deputies on a Saturday afternoon, with no immediate sign of their two young children (5 and 7).

The arrest followed a 911 call from an anonymous individual concerned about the inebriated couple and the whereabouts of their children. Deputies had trouble waking up the couple, requiring multiple attempts before they could even communicate with them. The situation went from bad to worse after questioning, as Langley and Stephens seemed unaware of their children's location. This led lead to police searching until they found the kids, unsupervised in a hotel pool nearby, fortunately unharmed.

Adding insult to injury, Stephens attempted to flee from the police while handcuffed but was quickly apprehended after a failed escape attempt that left him with facial injuries. The arrest was further supported by evidence of excessive alcohol consumption found near the couple, including open and empty beer cans and a bottle of whiskey.

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Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood expressed his disbelief and concern over the incident, highlighting the irresponsibility displayed by the parents and the potential danger to their children. The couple now faces charges of child neglect, with Stephens also facing additional charges for attempting to escape custody and for the possession of alcoholic beverages on the beach.

See the full story here via Fox 35 Orlando.

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