Mobile, Alabama’s finest have been spotted not on the beat, but to the beat, as they tapped into Louisiana with a line dance to Lafayette, Louisiana's own Cupid’s latest hit, “Flex.” While Mobile, AL and Louisiana are often at odds when it comes to who does Mardi Gras better (and in some arguments, who created it) this is one thing we can all agree on, further proving that even officers can break free from their police personas to shake a leg.

As the carnival season unfolds, our feeds have been flooded with dancing police officers, but this particular instance stands out. In that aforementioned playful rivalry that seems to be neverending between Louisiana and Alabama over who reigns supreme in Mardi Gras celebrations, these Mobile officers have shown that music and dance don't see boundaries or state lines. They've given a respectful nod (and a few syncopated toe taps) to Louisiana, showcasing their moves to the tune crafted by Cupid, the undisputed line dance king. Famous for the Cupid Shuffle and a plethora of dance hits, Cupid’s “Flex” has recently been in the spotlight, and these officers have certainly done it justice.

The viral video, shared by Ultimate Audio Fabrication on Facebook, captures the group in perfect sync, sliding and stepping with such precision that one might think they’ve been part of the line dance scene as long as Cupid himself. It’s another heartwarming sight along the Mardi Gras route, serving as another reminder of the lighter side of law enforcement—officers dedicated not only to our safety but to sharing moments of genuine fun.

While the friendly back-and-forth over Mardi Gras supremacy continues, with Louisiana natives holding their ground, we can all agree that Mardi Gras and the joy of dance can bring us all a little closer.

So, to our dancing officers in Mobile, we tip our hats. You’ve borrowed a king cake-sized slice of Louisiana flavor and spun it into something fun. But let’s not forget, when it comes to Mardi Gras, Louisiana’s passion runs deep—sorry, not sorry, Alabama.

In the spirit of good fun and great music, we’re all winners here--but Louisiana Mardi Gras is still way more lit.

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