LSU pulled off an epic 32-31 overtime win over Alabama on Saturday night.

The game lived up to the hype as it was filled with exciting plays, thrills, and—of course—controversial calls. You can check out an entire recap of how the game played out here because we're about to jump to the good part.

It was a gutsy call from first-year LSU head coach Brian Kelly that may have bought him an enormous amount of equity with an LSU fanbase that was calling for his head earlier this season.

After the Tigers scored in overtime, an extra point would have evened up the score then overtime rules would continue with Alabama getting their next shot at scoring, but with the Tigers down 30-31, Brian Kelly made the call to go for two.

The game was going to end one way or the other on this two-point try. Miss it, and face a week of people questioning what you could have possibly been thinking by going for two with the game on the line.

Make it—and well, you saw what happened.

Kelly chose to control his own destiny, and as a result of the victory, people are already calling it one of the top five LSU games of all time.

Alabama v LSU
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

After reliving those final moments and the subsequent rushing of the field, I would be hard-pressed to disagree.

This shot of Kelly immediate after the win was pretty cool to see from his vantage point.

There were rumors that the LSU band played "Neck"—and while we can't confirm or deny that, we can tell you that they were just as on edge as the rest of the LSU fans in those final moments.

Then, there was #LSUPylonGuy

Seriously, every single angle of this epic LSU moment is better than the one before.

Getting off the field after it was rushed by thousands of fans was no easy task, but some had it better than others.

I think it's safe to say, this is the first real "taste" of LSU for Brain Kelly, and based on his reply in the video below, he's gonna keep chasing this feeling (hopefully) for some time to come.