Is it just me, or are you finding that your brand-new iPhone 15 is too hot to handle? Before you start blaming the Louisiana heat, listen up: it's not what you think. Apple just came out and said that there's a software glitch making these phones feel like they spent too much time in one of those outdoor Cajun kitchens.

As soon as Apple announced the rumors about USB-C coming to the iPhone 15 were true, I locked in my order. After having my iPhone 15 Pro Max for the last few weeks, there were times when my phone was literally too hot to hold. I chalked it up to my overfilled pockets and this never-ending summer (now fall???) heat.

Over the weekend, Apple actually acknowledged the heat issue, which many users have been posting about on message boards. Popular apps like Instagram and Uber are supposedly part of the problem, causing the iPhone to overload the system. But don't worry, Instagram has already made updates to keep your phone from overheating. Uber and some video game apps like Asphalt 9 are still working on it.

If you're wondering when Apple is gonna patch things up, they haven't given a specific date yet. But they assured that it's safe to continue using your iPhone 15 while waiting for the update. Apple also mentioned that this isn't something unique to their latest lineup; new iPhones often get a little warm when you first start using them or restore them from a cloud backup. However, they did say that this time, the heating issues have gone beyond the usual.

Again, we're not crazy.

Another thing: don't go thinking the fancy titanium casing on the high-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models is causing the heat problem—it's not. Nor is it related to Apple's shift from its proprietary Lightning charging cable to the USB-C port (which I'm already loving by the way... and hush, Android users 😅 we KNOW).

So, if you're dealing with a sizzling phone, hold tight—relief is on the way. Stay cool, Louisiana!

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