There has been a significant update in the local search for a special LSU jacket belonging to a Louisiana woman's late father.

After a weekend of following up on false leads, Carrie Gagliano received a message that finally led to the whereabouts of her late father's LSU jacket, which she thought had been mistakenly donated to a Goodwill store. The message came from someone who told her their parent also lived in the same nursing home as Carrie's father, Michael "Bubba" Gagliano. This person had pictures of the jacket, and it seemed to match the one belonging to Carrie's dad.

The individual who had the jacket explained that they didn't directly find it at Goodwill. Instead, a nursing home employee had given it to their parent, claiming to have bought it at Goodwill. Unfortunately, the recipient wasn't able to wear the jacket, but knowing its value as LSU memorabilia, they decided to keep it. It was only after seeing Carrie's social media campaign to find the jacket that they realized its significance and reached out to return it.

Carrie confirmed the jacket was indeed her father's and was overjoyed to get it back in perfect condition. She expressed gratitude for the positive outcome, showing extreme appreciate for the community and media in spreading the word.

Social media influencer Justin Nunley played a crucial part by leading a reward fund that reached $5,000 and personally verifying the jacket's authenticity before its return.

Carrie thanked everyone involved in the search, those who shared the story, and those who contributed to the reward.

A photo was posted by Justin Nunley, showing him with Carrie and her family, along with the recovered jacket.

A video documenting the retrieval of the jacket is expected to be released soon, marking the end of a successful search thanks to community support and the kindness of strangers.

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