A horse has mysteriously collapsed in front of Southern Law Center according to reports out of Baton Rouge.

According to WBRZ, authorities are currently investigating the suspicious incident after images show a horse collapsed on the front lawn of the law center.

Southern tells WBRZ that the horse was reportedly "a personal animal that someone brought to campus" but not many other details are known at this time.

An eyewitness elaborated, telling the Baton Rouge news outlet that someone was actually riding the horse before it collapsed.

An eyewitness told WBRZ the horse collapsed in front of the law center and the rider fled the scene before police showed up, leaving the animal to die.

Animal control was seen removing the horse from the scene, confirming that the animal was not microchipped, branded, or tattooed.

This is a developing story and the latest updates can be found here via WBRZ.

We will update this story once more confirmed information is made available.

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