A driver is being accused of taking a drink of beer in front of police after being pulled over for speeding.

According to the Madisonville Police Department, a Kentucky man sped by officers just before 1 a.m. on Monday (Feb. 6).

Officers say they attempted to stop 25-year-old Jordan Craig but the driver continued to accelerate. Eventually, Craig would come to a stop once officers turned on their emergency lights.

Police say "they could smell alcohol" coming from the vehicle and witnessed "three open beer cans in the car." As if that wasn't shocking enough, an MPD officer claims they witnessed Craig pick up a can of beer and take a drink as they returned to their patrol car.

Craig's blood alcohol level was .121 according to test results at the jail after he had already reportedly failed "several field sobriety tests." One report alleged that Craig couldn't even count.


He admitted he was drinking and also confessed to smoking a vape pen with Delta 8 THC.

Police say Craig was booked into the Hopkins County Jail facing multiple charges that include speeding and DUI.

See the full story via News 14 here.

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