Although it is the holiday season, don't expect to see a Louisiana Buc-ee's location under the tree this Christmas.

A lot of folks were excited to share the news of Buc-ee's convenience stores finally opening their first Louisiana location. According to a viral Facebook post (actually, a few of them), Buc-ee's was featured on a billboard claiming to be opening on Rice Capital Parkway in Crowley.

This would make sense given the fact that Rice Capital Parkway does intersect with Interstate 10 in Crowley, but the only major problem here is that this is yet another obvious photoshop job that has a lot of locals excited for nothing.

It's pretty well-documented as to why we haven't seen a Buc-ee's location yet in Louisiana, and if you want to dive into those details there are plenty of reports you can check out (here's one from

The love and demand for Buc-ee's are what makes it so easy for these faux announcements to go viral. Oh, and it should go without saying that Buc-ee's isn't coming to Jennings (or any of these other terrible photoshopped locations) either.

It's almost cruel at this point given how badly Louisianians want one of these mega-convenience stores to call their own. By the way, the original source of this Crowley announcement seems to have come from another fake announcement—this one actually in Sterlington, LA.

They even created a fake Buc-ee's Sterlington page to sell the prank up in north Louisiana.

Unless Santa has some other plans, we will still have to travel east to Mississippi or west to Texas in the foreseeable future if we want to enjoy a delicious Buc-ee's brisket sandwich or take one of those classic photos with the beaver statue.

And unless you're hearing it from Buc-ee's or a very credible news source, it's probably fake.

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