If you thought you'd seen it all when it comes to Halloween decorations, think again! A homeowner in Shreveport, Louisiana is going viral for one of the most jaw-dropping (and wallet-emptying) Halloween setups we've ever seen. We're talking about the infamous 12-foot skeletons from Home Depot, and they're not just standing around lookin' creepy. Nope, these skinny giants are straight-up playing volleyball.

Kyle R. O'Connor shared the spectacle in a Facebook group specifically for proud owners of 12-foot skeletons—yes, that is totally a real thing. In his now-viral post, Kyle snapped a pic of a really nice home, complete with an iron gate that looked like it was guarding the world's spookiest volleyball match. On the lawn, six—count 'em, SIX—of these towering skeletons are frozen in action. One has its arms up, setting the ball, while the others are in defensive stances, ready to make the play of their afterlife.


I should also let you know that these 12-footers are sold out. That's right; you can't just waltz into Home Depot and snag one. They actually vanished from shelves around mid-August, and with a retail price tag of $299 a pop, we're talking about a volleyball game that's a cool two grand!

While I can't be 100% sure, by the looks of this house, they can probably afford it.

This isn't the first time these colossal skeletons have been used for athletic endeavors, mind you. A video from 2020 showcased these bony players ready to serve, set, and spike their way into Halloween.

And if volleyball isn't your game, well, they even got a 12-foot beach ball to change it up!

So the next time you're cruising through Shreveport, keep an eye out for this epic game of skeleton volleyball.

Want to join the fun but missed the skeleton train? Check out the dedicated Facebook group where members share where you can still find these rare giants (new and pre-owned), as well as other spook-tacular decorating ideas.


Happy Haunting, Louisiana!

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