Due to shifts in population, there are a few towns and villages across Louisiana that could be close to losing their designations.

Facebook via Janice McDonald
Facebook via Janice McDonald

Louisiana Cities By Population

Across Louisiana, we've got cities, towns, villages, and communities. These designations have to do with population, and as people move in and out of these areas, the designation as to what the area is called is affected.

From louisiana-demographics.com -

"Classification of Municipalities -

Those having five thousand inhabitants or more are cities; those having less than five thousand but more than one thousand are towns; and those having one thousand or fewer inhabitants are villages."

Google Maps
Google Maps

What's the big deal between a city, town, or a village?

A city has more opportunities for sales, property, and other taxes, as well as transfers from federal and state governments.

So basically, a city has more people to draw from financially to keep the city operating, money for infrastructure, etc.

Smaller towns and villages can find it a little more challenging to get things paid for such as roads, road repair, and more.

Looking at the data provided by louisiana-demographics.com, below are the Louisiana cities that could drop from being cities to being towns.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

Louisiana Cities In Danger Of Becoming Towns

1. Marksville, Louisiana - Population 5,034

2. Grambling, Louisiana - Population 5,315

3. Carlyss, Louisiana - Population 5,018

4. Brownfeilds, Louisiana - Population 5,358

5. St. Martinville, Louisiana - Population 5,447

Obviously, there's no danger of these cities dropping to town status if they experience growth.

Oil City, Louisiana
Google Maps

Louisiana Towns In Danger Of Becoming Villages

1. Oil City, Louisiana - Population 1,093

2. Deville, Louisiana - Population 1,083

3. Fordoche, Louisiana - Population 1,060

4. Slaughter, Louisiana - Population 1,055

5. Charenton, Louisiana - Population 1,051

6. Dubach, Louisiana - Population 1,026

Read more population statistics at louisiana-demographics.com.

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