When Sean Payton stepped down as Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints a few years ago there were questions about whether he had coached his final NFL game. Over the months since Payton's "retirement" from the Saints, we've come to learn that the former coach is most certainly interested in returning to the NFL.

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Payton has long been rumored as Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones's "dream coach". Those rumors have persisted for years and Payton and Jones do have a history together. But as of now, it does look like Dallas is satisfied with its coaching arrangement. But there are several other NFL teams with coaching vacancies that Sean Payton could not only fill, but he could also succeed.

ESPN via Twitter Dallas Stars via YouTube
ESPN via Twitter Dallas Stars via YouTube

We are now learning a little inside information on what it might take for a team to hire Sean Payton as their coach. You're probably aware that Payton remains under contract with New Orleans. That would mean that any team that wanted to hire him would have to make some concessions to New Orleans. 

Most of the pundits have reported that the Saints would be looking for a mid-level first-round pick in exchange for the right to hire Sean Payton. But upon further review, as the NFL is fond of saying, it appears that the "hiring Sean sticking point" may be that the Saints are actually looking for more than just a mid-level first-round pick.

Now, if that's the case, the Saints asking for two first-round draft picks for Sean Payton's services, then the Saints might still have Payton under contract when his agreement with the team expires in 2024.

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Think about the situation this way, a team that needs a new head coach probably needs players. Draft picks are one way for a team to build itself without going into salary-cap purgatory by attempting to sign free agents. So, any team that might want Payton can't afford the upfront cost to hire him, At least it would seem that way.

In the meantime, Sean Payton will continue to work as an analyst and will likely be mentioned in a few more coaching rumors. But, unless and until the Saints' asking price goes down it's going to be hard to find a team that is willing to give up what the Saints want in return. And if a team does give up those draft picks it will be interesting to see how Sean Payton manages to build a winner without any star power on the playing field too.

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Maybe the NFL should allow some of their "in-game scriptwriters" to help fabricate a few more trends and twists for the Sean Payton story. I mean, they have time, since the scriptwriters managed to hand the AFC Championship to Kansas City with a variety of not-so-good calls. You know they blew those calls, right?

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