Eunice Police arrested the principal of Central Middle School in Eunice on Thursday for allegedly encouraging students to fight.

According to Eunice Police Chief Kyle LeBouef, his department arrested Brett Semien, 48, of Church Point, on a misdemeanor warrant for Contributing to the Delinquency of Juveniles.

The arrest occurred following an investigation into Semien's conduct while handling an incident between two juvenile students at his school in which one struck the other in his presence.

It is alleged that Semien incited the two students to fight in his presence. During the fight, one struck the other student without being provoked.

Semien then separated the students and ended the incident.

There has been no statement released yet from the St. Landry Parish School Board regarding the future of Mr. Semien in his role as principal of Central Middle School.

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As you can imagine, parents were outraged over this latest incident and want changes.

We found comments such as the one below by Danielle Marks on Facebook:

St. Landry Parish School Board. Time and time again!!! YALL HAVE TO DO BETTER FOR OUR KIDS!!!! This is ridiculous!!! Can't keep moving someone thinking they will change! Problems in Eunice...Problems in Opelousas and NOW ANOTHER problem in Eunice!!

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