Another horrific incident involving gun violence and a school unfolded in Nashville Tennessee yesterday. The shooting at The Covenant School took the lives of three nine-year-old children and three adults. Two of those three adults have direct connections to South Louisiana.

According to reports, the female shooter was a former student at the school and authorities say she developed a meticulous plan to carry out the massacre. The Associated Press is reporting that police say the shooter had created detailed maps of the school and was keenly aware of exits and entrances at The Covenant School. It is believed she used this knowledge to carry out the crime. The shooter was killed by police in the moments after the shooting unfolded.

Among the three adults who lost their lives in the shooting, two had direct connections to South Louisiana. The head of The Covenant School Doctor Katherine Koonce was a Baton Rouge native according to a family friend. In a report published by WAFB Television, it was stated that Dr. Koonce attended University High Lab School and studied at LSU as well. She had been in her position with the school for the past seven years.

Another victim in the shooting, Cynthia Peak was working as a substitute teacher at the school when the shooting occurred. According to a report from KPLC Television in Lake Charles, Peak was a longtime resident of Leesville, Louisiana. She attended Leesville High School and her father was a physician in the community for many years.

The other victims in the shooting have been identified as Mike Hill, the other adult who worked as a custodian at the school. The three nine-year-old children who were killed were identified as Evelyn Diekhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney.

Police have released surveillance video of the shooter inside the school. Warning: The content is very graphic and many of you may find it disturbing.

Statistics suggest the Nashville shooting was the 129th mass shooting to occur in the United States this year. Thirteen of those shootings have involved schools and six children have been killed as a result of the violence. So far this year, 63 children have been killed as a result of gun violence in the country.

Authorities in Nashville have not released a motive in this case and their investigation is ongoing. They have identified the shooter. We have chosen to not name her here out of respect for those who lost their lives and their families and friends that are mourning the loss.

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