Urban Dictionary is the Internet equivalent of that friend who has no filter. You know that friend that just lets what they are thinking fall right out of their mouth into words. We scoured the Urban Dictionary to see if there were any definitions for towns in Louisiana. There are. Some of them are not so flattering but still can you identify the Louisiana town solely by its Urban Dictionary definition?

Now if you're in a great big doggone hurry, you can scroll down to get to the quiz but before you do, I'd like you to consider the following.

New Orleans Economy, Population And Culture Continues Revitalization
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We know some towns have really cool nicknames. For example, The Big Easy, I think we all agree that is a cool moniker for the City of New Orleans. Of course, New Orleans also has Crescent City too. Both names are for the most part flattering but they don't require the user to think much beyond the nickname.

Lafayette has the nickname of the Hub City, which is an homage to the town's central location in South Louisiana. The name is also connected to the city's relationship with the oil and gas industry. Lafayette was a "hub" for onshore and offshore companies and the workers that provided the muscle to make those industries go.

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Here in South Louisiana we also have the Rice Capital of the World, The Crawfish Capital of the World, the Boudin Capital of the World, and probably a few more "capitals of the world" to our credit. Still, these nicknames don't define the community.

As you've probably figured out we are less about names and more about descriptions in this little quiz. So, forget all the good things you know about these incredible towns and put yourself in the position of Internet Troll and come up with your worst and you will do your best on our little quiz.

Let's see how you do.

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