As much as Louisiana loves food you know we are all about Thanksgiving. The only holiday specifically dedicated to one of our favorite pastimes, eating. However, there appears to be a trend toward a non-edible addition to Louisiana's Thanksgiving spread that consumers are scrambling to get and retailers are scrambling to make available.

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If I had to guess what the reason for the popularity of this non-food item among Thanksgiving shoppers happens to be, I'd say it's about family togetherness. Or should I say the illusion of family togetherness? It's true, families do gather on Thanksgiving Day but very seldom are we all together, except for a brief moment when blessings are said or the first plates are filled.

Then we retreat to our various comfort stations where we can hide in plain sight from those to whom we are related. Often times we feign interest in a Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys football game while we scroll on our phones hoping someone will send us a text giving us a reason to leave.

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But enough about all the reasons we dread Thanksgiving, let's talk about the product that the folks at Costco say they don't believe they'll be able to keep on their shelves as we move closer and closer to the "fourth Thursday in November".

The item in question is this, you can see it below in this Instagram post from @costcoorganic. Yes, those are flowers made of LEGO building bricks. And, according to Costco, they are flying off the shelves as families secure their set so "the kids can have a project" on Thanksgiving Day.

But based on reviews of the product and the project you don't want to start building that LEGO behemoth on Thanksgiving Morning. It's going to take a while to complete and might be more of a "let's work on it after Halloween but before Thanksgiving Day" kind of project. And Costco isn't the only place you can find it.


You could order the LEGO Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Amazon or off the LEGO site directly but you might pay a few dollars extra. And quite frankly it would be nice to see such a structure in the midst of a Thanksgiving spread. It would be a symbol of togetherness and hard work or it could be a reminder that you still have grown people in your family that still love to play with toys, and that is something I could be really thankful for.

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