Fans of the LSU Tigers always speak the name Joe Burrow with a certain reverence. It was Joey B who led the Tigers to their most recent national championship in football and fans along the bayou still have a very soft place in their hearts for the Tiger transplant from Ohio.

Joe Burrow
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Burrow has returned to his native state to continue his football career. He's been a fixture at quarterback for the Bengals of the NFL for more than a few seasons now. He even led the team to a Super Bowl and darn near won the darn game.

All of this success on the field and Burrow's desire to make life better for those in need in both Louisiana and Ohio have made him a fan favorite. But has Burrow's popularity grown in such a way that he could be more popular than a certain hippopotamus?

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The short answer to the question is yes.

As you can see Fiona the Hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo doesn't look really pleased that she has lost her crown as the #1 Cincinnatian. But I guess if she had to lose it, losing to Joey Burrow isn't that bad. After all, Patrick Mahomes and a host of other NFL stars have lost to Burrow so, why not Fiona?

Obviously, the "competition" is all in fun and it's pretty cool to see how Cincinnati has come to care for Joe the way fans along the bayou did during his playing days in Baton Rouge. And it was nice of the Cincinnati Bengals to offer up this tweet to Fiona.

Now, if the Bengals could just talk Fiona into leaving the zoo and playing offensive line and offering some pass protection for Burrow the Bengals could be really on to something.

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