We have all made poor choices in our lives. Sometimes those poor choices result in relationships we no longer want to have and sometimes they create memories that no one wants to forget. And then sometimes, there is alcohol involved and the bar for unwise choices falls even further.

Andrey Zvyagintsev via Unsplash.com
Andrey Zvyagintsev via Unsplash.com

It's been a tough week to be stupid in Alabama. Earlier we told you of the incident in Leeds, Alabama where an individual went skinny dipping in the Bass Pro Shop Aquarium. And then managed to slip and fall and knock himself out as police arrived on the scene.

Y'all this is what happens when the Alabama Crimson Tide football team isn't in the College Football Playoff Championship game. The folks in Alabama just don't know what to do with themselves so they get into "mischief".

College Football Playoff National Championship Media Day
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I will repeat the following videos contain language that is not safe for work. It's rather brusky and abrasive and if you're tolerance level for that kind of conversation is low, then don't watch, or watch with the sound turned down.

Let us set the scene, it's New Year's Eve in Mountain Brook Alabama. Connor Padgett is attending what looks to be a New Year's Eve Party. As is the case with parties people often do entertaining things. Connor's "trick" was to climb inside a decorative urn. Which was funny at first, but then Connor found he couldn't get out of the urn.

Here's the video, and remember the language is NSFW.

The good news is that Connor was able to free himself from his captive urn. It did require that he remove his pants. From what we understand he was able to keep his boxers intact during the extrication from the urn.

This thread of comments from the X account of @CasualThursday offers a complete play-by-play of what happened to Connor during his time in the urn. And yes, you will want to read the replies, they are comedy gold.

From what we understand Connor has taken his newfound "celebrity" with a grain of salt and smile and is making light of the situation. Connor, let's hope this wasn't your 15 minutes of fame, but if it was, you certainly made the most of it.

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