If you operate a motor vehicle in the state of Louisiana you are supposed to have insurance. The insurance that is mandatory is not so much for you but for the benefit of others should you meet them by accident. If you've lived in Louisiana for more than a few months you've also discovered that maintaining car insurance can be a costly endeavor.

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The website Marketwatch published an entire piece on car insurance in America. It was very interesting to see how Louisiana stacked up against the rest of the country. Okay, upon further review, maybe that's not a good thing to look at because the rest of the country isn't paying nearly as much in car insurance as we are.

According to the Marketwatch story Louisiana ranked number 5 on the list of states with the most expensive coverage. The figures were calculated based on full coverage and only Michigan, Connecticut, Florida, and New York residents pay more than we do.

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What is the Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance in Louisiana?

Using the figures provided by Marketwatch.com that cost is estimated to be $2,783.00 per year. Now, compare that to the state of Maine. For the same coverage in the state of Maine, the state with the lowest cost for car insurance, you'd only be paying $964.00 annually. Louisiana is not quite three times higher.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Lower?

This is where safe driving, good grades, no claims, and probably the biggest way to save money on your car insurance comes in. I am talking about avoiding traffic tickets. Specifically, those moving violations that can almost double your premiums in some cases.

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But, what are the violations that affect your car insurance the most? Here's a look at that specific question along with an estimation of how much more you might wind up paying with those particular tickets on your driving record.

11 Tickets That Will Raise Your Insurance Rates and by How Much