There is a bus that has been traveling all across the United States recording stories, and the bus will be in Lafayette, Lafayette from Wednesday, November 29 through Thursday, December 21, 2023.

It's called the StoryCorps bus, and the whole project aims to record pairs of people telling stories about their lives, their history, their shared histories on history, and the like.

Imagine that your story could be part of the 630,000 stories that are already a part of the StoryCorps project. These stories are about your own American experience, and they are saved in the Library of Congress. Right now, you can explore all of the stories that have already been recorded about life in America.

StoryCorps began this project in 2003 when they set up a story booth in Grand Central Station in New York City, and then the bus was crafted and has been on the road since 2005.

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How Can You Take Part in This?

You need to register with the StoryCorps Bus for a time. When you follow the link it will give you the opportunity to make a reservation. The StoryCorps Bus will be parked in front of Maison Freetown at 800 East Vermilion Street in Lafayette.

You'll need to be ready to pick a time that is convenient with you and your conversation partner, and you'll need your speaking partner's information when you make your reservation as well.

According to StoryCorps officials, half of the reservation spots are online to be booked, and the other half will be available on the link as of Friday, December 1. Make sure you reserve your slot now, and if you don't get one, be ready to log back onto the website on the first.

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What Are Some Important Things I Need to Know?

Officials say sometimes the slots will fill up very quickly, so if that does happen, you can add yourself to the waitlist by clicking here.

Also please know that it's only one reservation per household and pair that are teaming up to do this.

And, if you would still like to do this, but you would like to do this project and recording virtually, there is a way to make that happen as well. You can click here to find out all of the details.

So, let's do this Acadiana! Let's tell all our stories! Go and sign up now to be a part of history. You will also be doing this for your children, family, and the rest of America so they can hear all of our stories!

From their website: "Listen.Honor. Share." and that's us, Acadiana!

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