Imagine you are a little child, and your mother is never seen again. That is the reality that a New Iberia man has to live with each day according to KATC.

Rickey Richard says he was not even 2 years old yet in 1986 when his mother went to a St. Martinville store to pick up a prescription for his maternal grandmother and then she was never seen again. The New Iberia man says he ended up growing up in foster care.

Now, 37 years later his mother has still not been found. Richard says he is trying to get help to spread the word about his mother. The Facebook page, Help Find Judy Ann Gary, has pictures and information about the woman and the events surrounding her disappearance.

Rickey Richard
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Richard says despite the many times that he would ask his family members what happened to his mom, they had very little to say. He says he just wants answers. Judy's sister, Laura Theriot, says the last time she saw her sister was the day she disappeared on August 2, 1986.

Theriot says Judy had come over to drink coffee with her, but that was not all. Judy spent time telling Laura that she wasn't happy. Judy says she was not being treated well by her husband Eric Rickard, and that she wanted to leave.

It was later on that Judy went to pick up that prescription for their mother at the Hospital Pharmacy Druge Store on North Main Street. That was the last day anyone saw her. The pharmacist at the time told officials Judy was seen getting into a green car. The pharmacist has since died.

Hamilton Street & Martin Luther King, Jr.
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What Is Known About This Case?

Most of this case depends on the memories of those associated with the case as there is no case file, and that is why St. Martinville Police Chief Ricky Martin is hoping that people will start talking.

It is quite possible that someone knows something, but at the time this happened, they might have been reluctant to speak to the police. With so many decades past now, if you know something, even the smallest bit of information, you are asked to contact the police.

You can call the St. Martinville Police Department at 337-394-3001. If you have information but if you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can call 337-441-3030.

Eric Richard
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Judy's husband, Eric Richard, told KATC

Every time I went to visit her, she was at somebody's house. Then, when we were living on Hamilton Street, she started writing notes, and I don't know who she was writing notes to.

Judy's family has even employed the services of a genetic genealogist to try to find answers, but the process has been described as going slowly according to KLFY.

Judy Ann Gary with Eric Richard
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Rickey says even though the genetic side is going slow he credits genetic expert Renee Dunn with gathering information through all the people she has been able to speak to.

Eric Richard was asked by KLFY what this experience has been like and what he would want Judy to know, and he said if she is out there, he wants her to come home adding,

Stressful, stressful. Cause I like to know what's going on. Why she never came home? Who has her?  Whey they won't let her call? Please come home. Your son need you.

Rickey Richard with Judy's Sister Laura Theiot
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Can you imagine having to live all of this time without knowing what happened to your mother? It's time for this son and for his aunt to know what happened to Judy Ann Gary.

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