The month of April is designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and we have a list of the things people are guilty of that actually put us in the category of being distracted drivers.

We admit to doing many things that can take our minds off of driving. You can see if you have done these things too! You can see how many you are guilty of.

The following video is just one of millions of examples of distracted driving, And, you do not want to do this!

MORE VIDEOS AT THE BOTTOM, but first, here's what we admit to doing behind the wheel.

#9   5% Have Taken a Photo While Driving

Guilty!!! I'm guilty. Honestly, we are very surprised this number isn't higher. It seems like we see plenty of photos on social media that have obviously been taken from a moving vehicle.

#8   9% Have Sent Emails or Texts

How many times have you gotten behind another driver and you can tell by the way their hand and face are that they are looking at their phone? 9% of drivers have sent either a text message or email while driving.

#7  12% Have Read Emails or Texts

Okay, raise your hand if you do this. I think most people say they don't do it on a regular basis, but they have done it at least once. We have to stop doing these wacky things so we don't put ourselves and others in danger.

#6  36% Have Used a GPS System

This one cracks me up! It is considered distracted driving because we don't have our eyes and attention focused on the road, but how in the world are we going to get to all the places we need to go without using a GPS?

#5  38% Have Made Phone Calls

Some people can have a phone conversation while driving and not be distracted and some people can't. Either way, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has it on the list of things that distract drivers.

#4  42% Have Interacted with Kids in the Rear Seat

How many times have you had to hand your kid something in their car seat that they dropped on the floor? I think it's just something we do. Remember the last long trip you took with your kids? I'm betting they weren't perfect angels the whole time so you probably had to yell at them. Based on the information, plenty of us do.

#3  48% Have Eaten or Drank a Beverage

Obviously, you shouldn't be having an adult beverage anytime you are driving, but as far as non-alcoholic beverages, almost half of us report having food and drink while driving. Can you imagine how much worse some drivers would be if they didn't have their morning coffee while driving in the car-rider line?

#2  68% Have Adjusted the Radio

Yep, I think almost everyone we know has touched the radio. You have either turned up the volume or you want to change the station. Just don't pay so much attention to the radio that you wreck your car.

#1  82% Have Talked to Passengers

Um, yeah, because how ridiculously uncomfortable would it be NOT to talk to the people who are in the car with you, unless, of course, you are mad at them? It makes sense that this is in the number one spot.

Just remember the most important part of this whole list is that we usually do things behind the wheel that we really shouldn't do because it takes our attention away from our driving. THIS CAN BE DEADLY. More than 3400 people were killed in 2021 due to distracted driving. There were also 350,000 injuries that same year because of people doing something they shouldn't while driving.

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones