Ice down the drink and fire up the grill — it's time to tailgate!

Football season is a sacred time for country music fans. There's just something about the genre and the sport that pair so perfectly together. In fact, many songs in the format celebrate football, as well as the idea of a small town coming together to cheer on the home team underneath those Friday night lights.

Just as important as the action on the field is the pregame party. Dedicated fans show up well before kickoff and set up shop in the parking lot. These tailgate festivities have become almost as big as the games themselves! Fans bust out the grills, drinks, games, and, of course, the music.

There are some country songs that simply can't be looked over for the ideal tailgating playlist. We've gathered 25 songs that are sure to get everyone amped up for 60 minutes of helmet-crushing, shoulder-pad-cracking, action. These are small town anthems, parking lot praises and rowdy drinking songs. Some are old favorites, from artists like Hank Williams Jr. and Garth Brooks, that hit the nail on the head every single time, while others are newer tracks from modern staples like Luke Combs and Walker Hayes.

This list is so good, it will have even the biggest rivals slapping one another on the back while cracking open a couple cold ones. Let's take a look at 25 country songs to add to your tailgating playlist. This list was originally written by Amy McCarthy and expanded by Jess Rowe.

25 Country Songs to Add to Your Tailgating Playlist, Ranked

Whether you're gathering with fellow fans for Sunday's big game, or settling in under those Friday night lights, these are the country songs you'll want on your tailgating playlist.

Gallery Credit: Amy McCarthy