More than half the artists on this list of country artists who were shot were defending friends and family. Another shooting was the result of alcohol, love and aggression.

Fortunately, the first two men on our list survived and went on to have multiple hits in the '90s and 2000s. No. 3 has also thrived since being shot in an armed robbery gone wrong. We wish this was how each of these stories ended.

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No. 4, 5 and 6 were all killed by gunfire, but that's about all that ties the singers together. One was defending a friend, another was defending his personal rights and the third was defending his wife and the home they'd built together. No. 6 is the one to zoom in on. It came at a time when everyone felt safe flashing wads of cash in public.

After November of 1973, hardly anyone felt safe at all.

Stories of country stars being shot are surprisingly rare. The more famous someone becomes, the more likely it is that an artist will keep space (and maybe a bodyguard) between himself and fans. In general, venues and homes are better protected in 2024. There's more vigilance.

Scroll down to find six artists who were shot, and one was was nearly stabbed to death when a fist fight got out of control. Prison time isn't assumed in these cases. One singer was killed, but never got the justice his family no doubt figured he deserved.

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