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Sam's Club is set to make a huge change in their policy that will make exiting the store much easier.  And they will employ AI in order to do it.  They are in the process of discontinuing the practice of employees stopping customers and checking their receipts and carts before they walk out the door.

Why Sam's Club Will No Longer Look At Receipts

If you've shopped at Sam's Club, you're very aware that you will be asked to show your receipts and have your cart checked to ensure you are not walking out with unpaid merchandise. The practice can lead to a long line of customers as employees look over the purchases.

Well, if you're like me and hate this process, you'll be happy to hear that parent company Walmart announced this week that customers should expect changes to the "receipt verification" process.

"Now, after a member completes payment at the register or via Scan & Go, a combination of computer vision and digital technology deployed in the exit area of the club captures images of carts and verifies payment for all items within a member's basket," Walmart revealed in a press release.

The technology is currently being tested at 10 Sam's Club locations. The company hopes to expand its use to its nearly 600 stores by the end of this year.

Walmart Press Release Photos
Walmart Press Release Photos

What Will Happen to the Receipt-Police-Door-Checking Employees?

Now that Sam's Club will employ AI to check carts as they exit, Sam's Club will be able to reassigned those employees to other duties.

With AI working in the background to continually speed the process, this digital innovation not only streamlines the members exit, but also allows exit greeters to refocus their time and expertise to assisting members and ensuring they have an enjoyable shopping experience," the company announced.

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