I am not ashamed to say that I do not like driving over tall, steep bridges. Some people have panic attacks and anxiety or become hysterical whenever they have to drive over bridges. As it turns out, this is a type of anxiety disorder.

Gephyphobia is the fear of bridges, driving over bridges, or that the bridge is going to collapse. I'll admit, I'm not that bad, but we have some pretty scary bridges in Louisiana. So, I feel their pain. In fact, I look at one every day going and leaving work. The I-10 bridge in Lake Charles is one of those bridges that can give anyone a little anxiety, especially when the weather is terrible.

It's no fun, especially when you have no choice but to cross it. Mind you, I drive an SUV. So, I can only imagine how terrifying it would be if it was my first time crossing it driving an 18-wheeler! I would've been just like this poor kid. Bless his heart. He called on God, his mama, and everyone else as he fought a panic attack driving up and down the iconic Lake Charles bridge.

After an accident, I saw a semi-drive off the top of that thing. The guard rails on that thing are lower than the tires on most 18-wheelers, or at least they appear to be. Though his reaction was hilarious, I don't blame the poor guy for being scared. Seriously, it's enough to make anyone a little nervous.

Watch as this woman realizes she has to cross a bridge. The struggle is real as her phobia starts to kick in. The poor lady asked God to help her get across the bridge alive without causing an accident. Plus, see additional footage of other people having a really hard time driving over bridges.

Well, I'm glad they all made it across in spite of their fear. Have you ever been in this situation before?

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