In case you were unaware, the biggest house in Louisiana is The Nottoway in White Castle, Louisiana. It is a former sugarcane plantation roughly 15 miles from Baton Rouge, LA. Greek Revival-style plantation was built by slaves and was completed in 1859 for John Hampden Randolph, his wife, and their 11 children (7 daughters/4 sons).

The three-story home is 53,000 square feet and made with cypress wood. This explains why it has remained intact for an amazing 164 years! Cypress wood is incredibly stable and resistant to splitting, warping, rot, insect, and chemical corrosion.

With nearly an acre of floor space, the massive plantation featured 64 rooms with 165 doors and 200 windows, most of which could double as doors. Today Nottoway is a luxury hotel and popular wedding venue where tours are offered weekly.

Below is a full tour, with a guide to give you all the historical facts about the home and families and slaves that lived and worked there. Special thanks to the videographers for shooting the footage for us all to enjoy! Click on the guided tour on Youtube. Then check out the video that gives details of the Nottoway spirits that still live there, as explained by one of the tour guides.

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