Whether we like it or not, Artificial Intelligence transforms the world and how we live. Its technology is used everywhere, from vehicles to social media and banking. AI innovations are expected to improve customer service, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries.

In addition to leading to higher-quality experiences for workers and customers, Louisiana Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley believes in using AI technology to improve our schools. According to Brumley, there's an opportunity to use AI tools that will give students personalized learning experiences cheaper than hiring well-trained humans.

Nola.com reports Brumley recently requested $30 million from the legislature and wants to use AI to “vastly expand” in-school tutoring. A new bill, filed in March, would require schools to provide intensive tutoring to students who test below grade level K to 12.

What does the future hold for Louisiana students? Here are 8 ways AI is revolutionizing education in the Pelican State:

1. Implementing Amira and AI reading tutoring program. The student selects a story to read aloud to Amira. It uses speech recognition technology to listen and helps them sound out their struggling words and identify their reading skill gaps.


2. It can identify learning gaps by assessing performance, measuring each student's progress from course to course, and making decisions.

3. AI technology can help institutions develop and deliver content

4. Improve learning standards by enabling more effective teaching methods and allocating school resources more efficiently.

5. Grading student automated assessments and assignments.

6. Duolingo’s language-learning app is an AI-based learning platform with an integrated green owl tutor/mascot (intelligent bot) to interact with and motivate students to do daily assignments.

7. Using AI to digitize textbooks and detect plagiarism. With natural language processing and facial recognition, AI can gauge students' emotions to help determine who’s struggling or bored and tailor the learning experience to students' individual needs.

8. Schools use AI surveillance cameras, ZeroEyes, to identify visible guns. If it sees a weapon, it flashes an alert to an operations center staffed by former law enforcement officers and military veterans around the clock.

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