Food insecurity in Louisiana is real. That is not to say, that people are starving to death. But people don't have enough food to eat or don't have enough to go around daily. Shockingly enough, Feeding America reported that 683,110 people in Louisiana are doing without, and 234,120 are children. They estimate that is 1 in 7 children.

If that's not bad enough, Louisiana is also second in the nation for childhood hunger. This is a lot more serious as childhood hunger means there is nothing to eat versus not enough. It's for that very reason that on May 18, 2024, members of the community will be hosting the "I Am The Solution Food Drive."

Please come out and give what you can. Every little bit counts. Speaking of which, a few items are being requested and they are listed below in the flyer along with additional info about the food drive.

Adrienne Tarver
Adrienne Tarver

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