Mari Gras season in Lake Charles is a big deal! Folks come from all over to participate in this SWLA tradition. However, a recent proposal by the City of Lake Charles and the Visit Lake Charles tourism bureau would reorganize Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana Inc.

City officials reportedly feel compelled to offer a mechanism for change citing "past coordination and communication issues." They're proposing a nine-member executive board be formed to address this concern. The City and Visit Lake Charles would each have two appointments, with the remaining five-at-large members being elected.

For now, most of the Mardi Gras Krewe's don't want a board because, they say, it will only ruin the joy of this SWLA tradition. Yet, City officials are urging Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana Inc. to consider the proposal anyway saying,

The City of Lake Charles “currently provides significant resources in an effort to promote Mardi Gras and create a safe environment for the Krewes and public at large.”

The proposal is set to go up for a vote during the upcoming meeting on May 9. However, they haven't really explained what is being proposed other than a board. Meanwhile, the public overwhelmingly disagrees with any changes to the Mardi Gras. Nearly 200 people weighed in on the issue since the announcement this week.

One person said, "Leave our Mardi Gras alone what was wrong with the way it was? That is exactly why people go elsewhere for music and fun. Lake Charles gets off the last thing we have to enjoy some fun."

Another person stated, " If it's not broke, don't fix it...leave it alone."

While a few in the community are saying give it a chance. "It’s time for a change! Mardi Gras is going downhill big time!"

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