Imagine the horror of driving on the freeway and another driver heading your way going in the wrong direction! That's what drivers on I-10 in New Orleans East were met with around 6:20 am.

According to reports by police to WWL First News, dispatch started receiving calls about a wrong-way driver on the interstate. NYPD and State Troopers scrambled to locate the motorist before an accident could take place. Even more horrifying is that the person continued traveling eastbound in the westbound lane of I-10 onto the Twin Span Bridge, crossing the lake to Slidell!

Apparently, the driver had no idea they were going the wrong way until about mid-way on the bridge. The person snapped out of it and reportedly pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. Sill facing the wrong way, after several minutes, the car's headlights turned off, but the driver did not emerge from the vehicle.

The news reports a State Tropper arrived on the scene at roughly 6:45 am, approached the vehicle, and discovered an elderly woman behind the wheel. The Tropper stated she appeared to be "confused," and the incident was under investigation.

Thank God no one was injured or killed, including the poor driver. The elderly woman was obviously in no shape to continue driving. An hour after the terrifying incident occurred, the police had a tow truck remove her vehicle from the bridge. Wow! That'll sure get your blood pumping in the morning.

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