The Calcasieu Parish School Board wants parents/guardians to know about an upcoming event on the 9th-grade campus of Sulphur High School. On Friday, March 28, some students will participate in an interactive Career and Technical Education program.

High School EMS Program students will engage in training exercises during this event. CPSB wants parents/guardians and the surrounding community to know that several local emergency response agencies will participate. Please do not be alarmed.

All is well. If you see or receive reports of ambulance crews, law enforcement, fire personnel, and other emergency responders on campus, it is all part of the Emergency Medical Response training exercises. Thank you in advance for your understanding, as this will continue throughout the day. This notice for the public is to get the word out that there is no cause for alarm.

Public Information Officer for CPSB, Holly Holland, said of the Career and Technical Education,

"We appreciate your understanding and support, as we are excited to host events like this to expose our students to future career opportunities."


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