The craziest shopping day of the year is two days away and you need to be ready for anything, that's why I thought it was important to share my Black Friday survival kit with you.

Shoppers Look For Deals On Black Friday As Supply Crunch Continues
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Before working in radio, I spent 15+ years of my life in retail at the largest retail conglomerate on the face of the planet. Seven years as an associate and over eight years as an Assistant Store Manager, so I know Black Friday very well.

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Look, I'm not saying violence is the answer, but sometimes there's only one 300 tread count sheet set left and you're locking into an alligator death grip with another shopper on said last 300 tread count sheet set.  In this case, you may need to learn how to execute a round house kick while toning up at the same time.

There might be a product that is so good you may have to camp in front of a store for 3 days straight to ensure that you will get your hands on this must have life enhancer.  Obviously, you can't get up and go get something to eat or drink you may lose your place in line.  So you need to be prepared.

If you're pulling that 3 day sleepover, you're definitely gonna need a tent and a chair.

If you do get in a knock-down-drag-out for that last three dollar pair of denim jeans, then you may need to mend your wounds or those innocent bystanders caught in the melee.

With all seriousness, if you're going to be shopping during Black Friday, please be courteous to those around you and remember to keep your head on a swivel.

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