Louisiana personal injury attorney Gordon McKernan scores big once again after offering Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) partnerships to all eligible players on the Tigers Women’s Basketball team.

2008 Women's Final 4 - Tennessee v LSU
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McKernan signed his first NIL deal with Lady Tiger Alexis Morris in December 2021. Since then, the personal injury attorney has become a key figure in the world of college athlete partnerships.

Last year, Morris and McKernan teamed up to gift custom sneakers and partnerships to Morris’ teammates. After seeing how much this meant to their fellow Lady Tigers, Morris and forward Angel Reese, another one of McKernan’s NIL partners, approached McKernan a few weeks ago to make it happen again.

2007 NCAA Women's Final Four - Rutgers v LSU
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Together, McKernan, Morris and Reese welcomed the Tigers Women’s Basketball team to Baton Rouge’s Modesto Taco Tequila Whiskey restaurant to give the players their custom shoes. On the day of the big reveal, McKernan offered each eligible player a NIL partnership of their own.

McKernan’s newest partners join Morris, Reese and Coach Kim Mulkey as members of the G Team. As an avid lover of Louisiana college sports, McKernan is thrilled to support the undefeated Lady Tigers as they continue to take college women’s basketball by storm.

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