There are numerous restaurants in Louisiana, but if you want a steak that stands out from the crowd, you should visit the Bayou State's top steakhouse. One Louisiana restaurant was just named as one of the best in the United States for juicy, properly grilled steaks.

Photo by iman zaker on Unsplash
Photo by iman zaker on Unsplash

The website, 24/7 Tempo, recently named The Best Steakhouse In Every State based on reviews and ratings from city, regional, and state websites, resulting in a list of the country's most praised restaurants. They say that the eateries on the list "take special care in sourcing their beef, with many of them aging the meat in-house and cutting it to order." And you can find that delectable steak at this steakhouse located in Louisiana.

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Louisiana Restaurant Named 'Best Steakhouse' In America

That's right, according to 24/7 Tempo a chain restaurant beat out all the locally owned steakhouses in the Crescent City.  Here's what they had to say:

Yes, Ruth’s Chris is a chain — a large one, with more than 150 locations, including units in some 21 countries — but this is where it all began, when single mom Ruth Fertel mortgaged her house to buy the 60-seat Chris Steak House. It burned down in a fire in 1976, and when she reopened in a new location, she added her own name to the place. She designed an 1800-degree broiler to cook her steaks and decided to serve them on a platter sizzling with butter. Fertel sold what had become a thriving chain in 1999 and died a few years later, and Ruth’s Chris is now owned by Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, etc.). The USDA prime steaks are still superb, though (the 16-ounce bone-in aged filet is a must), and there’s a special resonance to enjoying them in the town where the whole thing started.


Ruth's Chris Steak House was established on February 27, 1927, by New Orleans entrepreneur Chris Matulich. It was located at 1100 North Broad Street, near the Fair Grounds Race Course, sat 60 people, and had no parking lot. Matulich managed the company for 38 years and sold it six times. Every time it was sold, the business failed, and Matulich bought the restaurant back inexpensively from the previous buyers.

Where is Ruth's Chris located in New Orleans?

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