LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA: McDonald's has been on a tear lately making decisions that have been wildly unpopular with their customers.

McDonald's To Alter Dollar Menu With Higher Priced Items
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Pop Crush is reporting that the fast food giant is at it again, this time deciding to charge for an item that has been free to their customers for decades

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Earlier this year it was reported that McDonald's were removing their self-service drink stations out of the inside of their restaurants. With this news, that decision makes a lot more sense than ever. CNN reports that all drink stations will be removed from every McDonald's by year 2032.

Taco Bell started the "free refill" craze at fast food restaurants back in 1988. However, these days McDonald's is the trend setter in the industry and it will be interesting to see how other fast food restaurants react and/or change their policy over this move.


Pop Crush goes on to say in their article that McDonald's is reportedly "now allowing individual restaurants and owners to decide whether or not to allow free drink refills, and many are choosing not to."

Recently, a McDonald's customer vented on about their experience after being refused a free refill.

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