Meteorologists are watching the Gulf carefully as models are showing a disturbance developing later this week and it could come ashore by Tuesday of next week.

Meteorologist Zack Fradella is reporting that a tropical wave will be moving over the very warm water in the Gulf that could cause the disturbance to turn into a storm.

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I know Tropical Wave is a term we hear all the time living here on the Gulf Coast, but I've never truly known what that actually means.

The National Weather Service says it's "an inverted trough (an elongated area of relatively low pressure) or cyclonic curvature maximum moving east to west across the tropics. These can lead to the formation of a tropical cyclone. Also known as an easterly wave".

We've been lucky so far with Saharan dust keeping the Atlantic and Gufl quiet over the last few months but forecasters are saying to not be fooled by the lull in the season. They are still sticking to their above-normal storm predictions for this hurricane season.

In fact, as I write this article there are two disturbances off the coast of Africa and the future disturbance in the Gulf that we need to watch.

At this time forecasters think the tropical wave in the Gulf will develop slowly and may only bring much-needed rain to the Gulf Coast. However, you know how weather around here can change on a dime, so we need to be aware of this development and keep checking in with trusted Gulf weather sources like Meteorologist Zack Fradella.

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