Remember when we were kids and we could drink endless amount of soda and never gain a pound?  Well, those days are over and so is the run of one of Texas' favorite drinks.

Photo by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash
Photo by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash

PepsiCo has announced that one of their popular drinks will be discontinued and no longer be available for sale in Texas and the rest of the country.

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PepsiCo had this to say in a press release:

After careful consideration, we will be discontinuing MTN DEW Energy. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Fear not, Rockstar has your back for your energy needs. Find your flavor today!


When I worked in management at Wally World, I needed energy drinks just to survive that certain season of my life. My favorite was definitely Rockstar. I loved the fruit punch and the orange recovery.

I wonder if PepsiCo will bring some of the old Mountain Dew Energy flavors over to the Rockstar line?

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