Country music legend Randy Travis just released his first new song in over 10 years. Travis suffered a stroke in 2013 in a hospital in Texas and was given just a two percent chance of surviving.

The stroke damaged the area of his brain that controls speech and language and most thought that would be the end of Randy Travis ever singing and or recording music ever again.

Randy and Mary Travis
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

In this day and age with technology and the introduction of AI, Randy Travis' voice can now live on and it was proven this past week with the help of AI and a voice that was blended into the project from a country music singer from Louisiana.

The new song is called Where That Came From and it was released by the Country Music Hall Of Famer and his record label this week. The singer who landed his voice to complete the project is Mr. James Dupre' who is from Bayou Chicot, Louisiana.

James first was recognized nationally when talk show host and comedian Ellen Degeneres discovered his music on YouTube. She invited him to her show where he performed live.

James was also on NBC's The Voice. He was contacted by the Travis camp to lend his voice to the new song they wanted to cut to give Randy Travis his voice back.

CBS did a featured story on this and as you will see, they took Randy Travis' original cuts from his songs and laid James Dupre's voice over it to get the finished product. Let us tell you, when you watch and hear this, you only hear that sweet baritone voice of Randy Travis. Check this out.

How awesome is that? It is so good to hear Randy Travis sing again and with modern technology, we could be hearing more and more from the legend. Here is the finished song.

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