We have all traveled in our lifetime driving down interstates and taking advantage of rest stops. We usually stop at the rest areas to stretch our legs, walk the dog, take a bathroom break, or sometimes try just to wake up.

In most cases, there are two different areas for vehicles at most rest stops. There is an area specifically for those big 18-wheeler trucks, large campers, and vehicles pulling large trailers. The other side is usually reserved for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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At night, we are always on the lookout for those rest areas that have the best lighting, visible security, and easy access off and on the interstate especially if it is late. Safety is always our first concern when traveling so if you we find a rest area that meets these criteria, we are most likely to stop.

When pulling into a rest area at night, you most likely will see those huge 18-wheelers lined up and chances are those drivers are sleeping in the cabs of the trucks. You may see a bunch at a rest area depending on your current state, and in other states, you may see none.

That is because it depends on the laws in each state and whether or not you can sleep at that state's rest areas overnight. So what about Louisiana? Is it illegal to sleep overnight at a rest area in the bayou state?

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According to the website campedium.com, Louisiana laws on sleeping at rest stops go like this:

Louisiana doesn’t have statewide laws or regulations about overnight parking at rest areas. In these cases, pay special attention to any posted signs, as rules can vary, but you’re likely okay to stay overnight in your vehicle unless otherwise posted. Camping is  strictly prohibited.

That is good to know right? In neighboring Texas, the website says the state allows overnight parking for up to 24 hours at all rest stops but like Louisiana, there is no camping allowed.

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