If you are planning a Date Night in Lake Charles, Louisiana, then I have just the thing for you.

Matt Mathews is a multi-award-winning boudoir photographer, a stand-up comedian, social media celebrity, and farmer from Birmingham, Alabama.


With his delightfully candid social media posts and side-splitting short-form films during the coronavirus outbreak, Matt shot to fame on social media, amassing over 4 million TikTok and over 1.5 million Instagram followers. Matt, who is well-known and praised for his relatability and situational humor, talks about a range of subjects and life experiences in his stand-up, including his day-to-day existence on a farm. relationships, his profession as a boudoir photographer, growing up in Alabama, and forbidden sexual encounters. Additionally, Matt brings his wildly successful "Confessions with Matt" video series to a live audience, where he offers a real-time, humorous commentary on those in the crowd who willingly divulge their darkest secrets. With new international tour dates added, Matt's debut headlining comedy tour, When That Thang Get Ta Thang'n, will continue through 2024 following a hectic start to 2023 that saw him sell out prestigious comedy clubs and theaters coast to coast. For general information and reservations, go Golden Nugget Lake Charles.

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