It was a wild night in Westlake, Louisiana Sunday night as a police chase ended up rolling through someone's yard at 3:30 am.  We have all watched those police chase videos on television where the suspect is trying to evade police thinking they will get away but they rarely do.

Most of the police chases we see on television are on our interstate highways because the suspects feel like they can go faster speeds without too many turns and twists on the roadway. I was a police officer for over 11 years and was in my fair share of police pursuits and 9 out of 10 times, they occurred on the interstates.

Well last night in Westlake, Louisiana, that was not the case. This police chase that was caught on video from a homeowner's camera that is mounted on the front of his home caught the police chase coming right through his front yard.

The homeowner took to Facebook and with his permission, we are going to share the video with you. He said on Facebook,

Well this was a wild way to wake up. Someone did a loop around my house at 3:30am. I live at a dead end on the water so I guess they changed their mind on cutting through the back yard lol. Great job City of Westlake Police, Sulphur PD, and Sheriffs Dept, being right on their tail with multiple units.
Ready to see what he is talking about? Check this out!

How crazy is this? No word on if the suspect was caught but our local law enforcement sure had a wild ride last night in this pursuit.

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