June 1st of any year is not a day on the calendar anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast welcomes. June 1st is the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and in 2024, experts are forecasting a highly active season with a mind-blowing amount of storms to be formed.

According to the National Weather Service hurricane center map, it looks like the 2024 hurricane season is off to a very early and active start already. There are currently two areas of disturbed weather. One in the Gulf of Mexico and the other just off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic.

The disturbance in the Southern Gulf has been upgraded to a 70% chance of cyclone formation in the next seven days. If this system gets its act together, it will become the first named storm of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season. It would become Alberto. 

As of last night, Meteorologist Zack Fradella, who used to work here in Lake Charles, Louisiana, posted this on his Facebook page,


Now the big question is, where is this thing going? Well right now they are just waiting for it to form but in the last reports we saw from experts, they were expecting it to head West into Mexico. Over the weekend, we have seen a forecast from Meteorologists saying right now Louisiana could just receive a lot of rain. Some forecasts say we could see upwards of 4 to 6 inches of rain starting today through Thursday.

That forecast just like any forecast can change so you will need to stay vigilant and wait for updates from the experts or us as we will pass along updates to you once we get the info from our local Meteorologists. It looks like by this afternoon or Tuesday morning, we will know way more about what this system may do.

Either way, you should already have a plan in place in case something changes and have your hurricane supplies handy.

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