Texas is known for many things like our rodeos, being outdoors, BBQ, and mosquitos. If it rains even just a bit and it's warm, you can count on getting swarmed by mosquitos lighting you up with bites.

If you are outside in Texas after a good summer rain, you will likely run for the mosquito spray, and citronella candles, or retreat inside your house to avoid those pesky mosquitos.

An influx of mosquitos can ruin any outdoor event in seconds and everyone will be scratching all day and night. Now we may have found some relief for you; it comes in the way of what you wear outside.

Mosquito Bite

A new survey by the University of Washington found that the colors you choose can determine if the mosquitos will leave you alone or light you up and bite you. The study said that the colors mosquitos are not attracted to that you should wear to avoid getting swarmed by mosquitos are green, purple, dark blue, and white.

On the flip side of that equation, if you just love mosquitos and want to get bit, the study says that the colors mosquitos are MOST attracted to include red, black, orange, and cyan which is a light blue color.


So the next time you head out to a BBQ, hit the water, go to a festival, play golf, or do anything outdoors, you may want to think twice about what color to wear before you have a swarm of mosquitos attack you.

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