If it was easy to see who was infected with the coronavirus, as it was with people infected with smallpox, do you think more people would get the COVID-19 vaccine? Do you think people would be fighting over mask mandates in our schools, workplace, or indoor establishments if wearing a mask would prevent them from getting a disease like smallpox? Some will say there has never been a virus or disease outbreak like the COVID-19 pandemic we are dealing with now. The truth is, there have been multiple major disease and virus outbreaks in modern days and 13 worldwide epidemics and pandemics over the last century.

Man With Smallpox
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We are literally surrounded by killer bacteria and viruses because they don't just go away. We become immune to them, through vaccination or we die. Until our current battle with the seventh coronavirus in modern times, the development of vaccines is why most of us never knew the horror of contracting diseases that have wiped out entire populations. In America, we are fortunate enough to have 3 very powerful vaccines for the COVID-19 virus. To date, the coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease has taken the lives of more than 628 thousand Americans and 37.7 million people worldwide....and counting.

The good news is a serious illness, hospitalization, and death from the deadly disease and even more deadly variants are now preventable. We have access to 3 highly reliable preventive measures that can keep us all healthy and alive. 1.) wear a mask to prevent the spread through person-to-person contact. 2.) socially distance or refrain from going to overly populated areas to reduce the chance of infection through viral airborne partials. 3.) get vaccinated against the disease, so that your body can build antibodies to ward off the virus and prevent severe infection and death.

The COVID-19 vaccines are currently being distributed for people 12 and up and hopefully more people will take them. Like we've done with killer viruses and diseases in the past, we can eradicate the coronavirus, finally gain nationwide immunity if we work together and all get vaccinated.

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